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Fr Mobie Musakatiza is an ordained Catholic Priest working in the Archdiocese of Harare, Zimbabwe. A singer, songwriter and author in his own right who uses the gift of music and the power of the pen as tools for evangelization. To his name, two albums have been recorded and these are, Makandikomborera recorded in 2012 and Usacheuke, a 2017 production. Music continues to play an integral role in the lives of many people and to this end, Fr Mobie has made a leap of faith by collaborating with well known Zimbabwean artists like Andy Muridzo, Oskid Prince Tapfuma and Aggabu Nyabinde so that his message can reach a wider audience. As a strategy to reach a bigger audience, Fr Mobie Musakatiza goes for a contemporary Afro-fusion gospel sound laden with various instruments like guitars, pianos and the Zimbabwean traditional instrument called mbira. Drawing his inspiration from some priests like the late Archbishop Chakaipa and Fr Ribeiro who have been authors, and apart from a series of recordings, Fr Mobie Musakatiza has also written and continues to publish various essays that deals with issues of faith, family and the society at large. Listening to Fr Mobie’s music, one can not miss the threefold dimension hidden within his music, which is recreational, intellectual and theological.Read more

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